About Me!

I’m David, but you probably knew that already.

I live in Manchester, England, and have done most of my life, apart from the 4 years where I was serving in the Royal Navy as Submariner, and I was either on one of the Royal Navy bases, or sum where unknown under the water.

I left the Navy, and started working for myself as a sign maker, as circumstances changed, I merged my business with my dads business, and we now co-own Seymour Sign & Print Ltd based in Salford.

I purchased my Canon EOS 450d, whilst heavily intoxicated on the train home from Glasgow following a 3month deployment, with 1 photography magazine in the mess… in my drunken wisdom, and my nifty iPhone (back when they were only available on O2!) I bought my EOS… 2 days later a mysterious box arrived at my parents. To my surprise it was my EOS, and it’s never let me down since.

I’ve not used it a great deal recently, and I’ve discovered the joy of cycling… carting round my DSLR on my bike doesn’t really appeal.

I also like to travel, much preferring city breaks to sitting in the sun bored out my mind, I’ve visited London & Paris last year, and I am hoping to get back into Europe again in 2017.

So this page is a few ramblings and some photo’s I’ve taken along the way!